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Why SculpSure?  

How are People Reviewing it?

This is why people are saying they did it:

Beauty is important to me. I’ve always had a fairly decent body, and I want to keep it that way. As I’ve got older, my body has changed. I’ve had kids, so my stomach is not as flat as it once was, of course I have lines around my eyes, my neck is starting to look older and my boobs are not as perky as they once were.
– Temecula SculpSure Patient 

I also don’t particularly like the idea of plastic surgery. I’m scared of needles, I’m scared of unnecessary operations and while the idea of a tummy tuck or a boob job is tempting, I know I will never do it.
– SculpSure Patient 

When I read about SculpSure I decided that this was something I could do. The process sounded easy and a colleague of mine was going. She looked fantastic but to be honest, I wasn’t sure if she had had some ‘real’ work done as well. She swore not and so I decided to bite the bullet and book for a series of 12 appointments.
– Murrieta SculpSure Patient 

I was nervous for my first appointment. The therapist spoke me through the appointment and assured me that this was a non-invasive treatment. This is what I wanted, remember, no needles, no cuts, nothing that could go wrong. She explained how the SculpSure technology is about the laser targeting the fat deep inside the skin and not on top of it. She showed me the machine they use.
– SculpSure Patient 

‘The machine or the laser targets the fat cells that are under the skin. They stimulate the fat and burn it away. The cells heat up, they burn up, they break up and then they get eliminated out of the body.’
– SculpSure Patient 

I asked about pain and was told there would be a minimal burning pain, not too bad but I would feel it. I was also told the pain would go away quickly, it goes as quickly as it comes, and that there would be no side effects.
– Temecula SculpSure Review 

I can do this, I thought. The Temecula SculpSure Doctor made me feel at ease. I lay down on the bed, closed my eyes as I am a big baby and did my yogic breathing. The therapist straps you into the bed and then stands over you, working on your body and on the parts that are more fab than others. For me it was my stomach (upper and lower) and the love handles on my back. For good measure, because I was here anyway, I did my chin. Who knew about chin sculpting!
– SculpSure Patient 

I am very happy to give this review about Scuplsure; I am still grinning from ear to ear, I want to thank the Murrieta SculpSure Clinic. I won’t lie and say the treatments are the most comfortable thing in the world. You do feel a burning sensation but it disappears quickly. My skin is sensitive but I did not go red, which I was warned was a possibility. I’m almost halfway through my treatments and I can most DEFINITELY see results.
– SculpSure Patient 

It’s pretty amazing. At the Temecula office, they do ask you to try and eat decently at the same time – obviously if you go on a huge binge for the twelve weeks you won’t see the results as clearly – but I have been living normally and eating normally and my results are clear. They take pics before, during and after, so you can literally see the extra fat disappearing.
– SculpSure Patient 

My colleague knows I am going for the same treatments that she had and we talk about it all the time. I’m starting to think she did NOT have any extra work, that she looks good because of SculpSure alone. It’s definitely worth it, it doesn’t break the bank and hey – I’m already wearing one dress size smaller and I look good!
– SculpSure Patient