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How does it work?

SculpSure Non-Invasive Body Contouring 

Temecula Sculpsure offers a non-invasive body contouring procedure that not only works efficiently but also bears quick results. In the recent past sculpsure has seen a sudden rise in popularity especially amongst the fittest of the population and those people who are specifically concerned about the stubborn fat pockets on their body that they can’t seem to remove with exercises.

The sculpsure procedure is not very lengthy or overall very time to consume as far as pre and post effects go.

The first scheduled appointment:

Now when the patient visits their Temecula or Murrieta doctor the first time, their session should not last for more than twenty five minutes. In the duration of this session, you will be asked to lay back while a machine is strapped to your concerned area. That moment onwards, the machine takes over. After about 25 minutes, you’re good to leave and continue with your day like nothing happened. Mild tenderness and redness are common after the procedure.

The Appointments that come afterward:

Depending on the amount of fat the patient wants to burn, the number of appointments would be scheduled. The average duration between each appointment is about 12 weeks later when the tenderness has disappeared, and the results from the last appointments are already visible.

What Areas can be targeted:

Generally, as stated above already, the ideal patient is one that is already fit but has certain fat pockets that they can’t seem to remove. Such fat pockets mostly appear around the lower abdomen: belly and the back, the thighs sometimes also under the chin and the upper arms. Other parts of the body could also be treated after consultation with the doctor. However, these are the most commonly targeted areas.

External scars or bruising?

The best part about sculpsure is the fact that not only is it an entirely non- invasive procedure, but it also causes no scars or bruising of any sort at all. The procedure does not use suction of tugging at the skin, and thus it remains entirely scar free. No –one except you will know that you’re getting any treatment! Even in the long run, you won’t experience any baggy or rippling skin.

Why SculpSure Over Any Other Procedure?

The procedure is pain-free, quick, easy, and bears fast results. It does not come short of expectations and patients are almost always completely satisfied, and on most occasions impressed. In comparison to other invasive or non-invasive body contouring procedures, sculpsure surely does have more advantages, lesser side effects, and much quicker results.

In about six months the average patient reaches their body goal. The money is worth it, and the procedure, in general, has a wide, satisfied client base that is expanding by the day. What better than a procedure that lets you walk out out of the Temecula or Murrieta clinic to lunch with your friends. It should have absolutely no effects on your daily schedule irrespective of what your schedule includes, even if it involved the gym! To the average busy individual, this is a dream come true.