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SculpSure: How to Prepare, Procedure, and Cost

SculpSure has become an exceptionally popular cosmetic treatment for women and men who want to reduce their excess fat, in a non-invasive manner. Because SculpSure is noninvasive it can be done in an aesthetic clinic, safely and easily, with minimal discomfort. There is almost no recovery time and you can go straight from your SculpSure session and back to work, to fetch the kids, or out for tea.

How to Prepare for SculpSure

The first step is to read up about SculpSure, call or email the clinic and ask them any questions you may have. Some of your typical questions may be:-

How long does it take?
What parts of my body can you sculpt?
Will it be painful?
Will I be bruised or red?
What is the cost?
How long does it last?

The typical answers to this:-

A typical SculpSure treatment takes 25 minutes
We will assess you before we start and see which parts of your body need work.
It may tingle and feel warm but cools down quickly.
You can avoid bruising and you may want to take an Ibuprofen or similar before you arrive.
We will discuss your medical history.
You may be advised to avoid blood thinners
The costs differ depending on where you live and how many applicators are used during your treatment. In 2016 The average cost for a non-surgical treatment SculpSure treatment is USD 1500.

The SculpSure Procedure

Arrive a few minutes early for your appointment. Typically, your first meeting will include the SculpSure session. You will meet your doctor, nurses, aesthetician or healthcare practitioner, depending on who you have booked an appointment with. After completing forms and answering medical questions where you will discuss your medical history and any special needs, the procedure will be fully explained to you.

You and your healthcare practitioner will have discussed the areas of your body that need work. You will remove your clothing but remain in your underwear and lie down on a comfortable and relaxing bed. Your laser technology treatment will begin. This is the treatment that is going to target your fat cells deep under your skin and melt them away.

SculpSure is a ‘fat eliminating’ process, known as lipolysis. The SculpSure belt will be wrapped around you, typically your abdomen and your flanks, and a heated laser will then be applied, hot enough to kill those fat cells you want to get rid of. While it works you may feel some heat and some tingling through your body, although typically, most clients read a book, sleep or doze.

The laser is hot enough to reach and destroy your fat cells – reaching a temperature of 107.6 and 116.6°F – but it does not harm any other tissue or parts of your body. The treatment is safe and it works. There is a cooling effect between the heat applicators so that your body can cool down easily.

Once you have had the procedure it takes the average person 12 weeks for their lymphatic system to flush out the broken down fat cells. You will start to see the results quickly. If you need further treatments, and this is between you and your health care practitioner, these can generally be done 6 to 12 weeks after the first treatment.

The cost of SculpSure

As we said, this differs from salon to salon or clinic to clinic but an average cost is USD 1500. Find the SculpSure that is closest to you and chat to them online, book an appointment to go in and meet. SculpSure is a safe way to get rid of unwanted fat, firm up and look and feel good. You do need to eat well and look after your body after the treatments, and before helps too. A good combination of healthy eating and SculpSure will see you on your way to a new and fabulous body.

If you are obese, it is best to discuss your weight loss program and options with a medical doctor. SculpSure is best intended for people with a body mass index of under 30.